Jessica Redeghieri

Kindergarten teacher and youtuber, her channel has over 53,000 subscribers to whom she presents the latest news in the fields of coding, robotics applied to teaching and STEM, with simple and direct language.

Prof. Vittoria Paradisi

Teacher and digital expert of the "Leopardi" Comprehensive Institute of Saltara (PU-Italy).Trainer and contact person for the Flipnet video library.

Maestra Mary

Maestra Mary è Maria Ruggi, insegnante di scuola Primaria, blogger, scrittrice per bambini e autrice del sito Maestra Mary: un portale ricco di contenuti originali dedicati alla scuola Primaria e dell’Infanzia.
Nel Novembre 2020 è nella top ten dei social prof. (Il Sole24Ore)
Nel Dicembre 2018 – Il sito Maestra Mary è leader in Italia nel segmento parenting / education. (Comunicato stampa Altervista – Mondadori)

Maestro Roberto

Maestro Roberto is Roberto Sconocchini, primary school teacher and trainer. He has always been involved in computer science at school, experimenting with forms of cooperation to create simple hypertexts or to benefit from programs and jobs in support of teaching. Since 2014 he has been part of the "Technologies in the backpack" team which promotes updating initiatives on digital educational resources throughout the country. His is the best Teaching Blog in 2020 (Twinkl).


Mamamò is a portal dedicated to the digital education of children, teens and adults. Reviews of apps, ebooks, video games, video channels, films and TV series and news on media education and technology under 13.

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