1) Why doesn't the object appear immediately when I frame the hatched area?

It is necessary to wait for the device to correctly focus on the area. The focusing time may vary depending on the device used.

2) What can I do with the application?

With all the ARS apps you can move freely around the scene, you can access additional information and interactive functions, using the buttons on the graphic interface.

3) What does the phrase 'Book with two activations' or 'Book with three activations' mean?

It means that for that product it is possible to activate the application simultaneously on two devices, or on three in the second case.However, it will always be possible to uninstall it from one device to reactivate it on another, using the appropriate button in the app.

4) Where can I find the code to activate the ARS Book App?

Each App is combined with an ARS Book. On the second page of each book there is the relative activation code.

5) Is it possible to migrate activation from one device to another?

Yes, it is possible to do this using the appropriate button in the App. the operation can be repeated up to a maximum of three times.

6) Do they work for both Android and iOS?

7) Are ARS Book Apps downloadable for free?

Yes, the ARS Book Apps can be downloaded for free on the Stores (App Store and Google Play), but each App must be activated through its own code.

8) Is an Internet connection required to use the ARS Book App?

The Internet connection is only required during the product activation phase.

9) Why is the three-dimensional object shaking?

It can happen, especially for very new books, that the pages are not perfectly flat. This results in the flickering of the three-dimensional object displayed. To solve the problem, simply press on the pages of the book to flatten them as much as possible.

10) Why am I not seeing any objects when I frame the hatched area?

If, after framing the dotted area, and focusing correctly, you do not see any objects appear, or you see only a part of it, it is likely that you are too close to the book. Try to position yourself at a distance of about 30 centimeters from the book.

11) Can I project the content of my device on an IWB (or similar)?

Yes, the mirroring function is present for new devices, while for older ones it is possible to do so using an optional external device that allows screen mirroring (eg ChromeCast or similar).

12) How many times can I reuse the activation code?

13) What devices do the ARS Book Apps work on?

It is possible to use the ARS Book App on both Tablet and Smartphone. The use of 7 "or 10" devices, such as a Tablet / iPad, is recommended for a better view of the three-dimensional scene on the screen. It is not possible to install the ARS Book App on PCs and notebooks.

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