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We encourage spreading the Augmented Reality at school and at home as a simple technology supporting the learning path as a match between Made in Italy Tech Innovation and Traditions.

ARSchooInnovation is the Italian brand designing Books and Cards to enjoy only by Augmented Reality applications. A trademark owned by Lucana Sistemi S.r.l. Software House.

Born in 2017 out of a Company Brainstorming and the awareness that new technologies are changing the way knowledge will be broadcast; among those, the Augmented Reality, one of the 4.0 Industry enabling technologies – the fourth industrial revolution. We are the first 4.0. Italian publisher whose aim is to bring innovation without disrupting the Education market.

Definita la prima Casa Editrice italiana 4.0 il cui obiettivo è quello di Innovare senza stravolgere il settore Education.

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